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Men Weight Loss Advice For 2011

Welcome to the "Men Weight Loss" website. Fortunately being male you stand a much greater chance of successfully losing weight than if you were female. Sounds harsh but it is true. Women face many additional battles which inflict their weight loss plans such as the emotional and physical highs and lows brought on by hormonal changes which result in binging and the cravings, whilst also suffering from a much lower metabolic rate than men.

For men wanting to know how to lose weight fast it's fairly straight forward, so keep it simple. You DO NOT need to create some detailed speadsheet of every single food you digest, the size of servings and what time you consumed it etc, etc. (You can do some detailed research in the above menu if you like by calculating how many calories you are roughly consuming for breakfast, lunch and dinner) - But this is what put most men off and they then inevitably fall at the first hurdle.

Just follow 3 Simple Steps:


Step 1: Healthy Eating - Daily Calorie Planner

Men Healthy Eating - Vegitarian Pizza

If you're eating more calories than you burn each day then you're obviously putting on weight. It's as simple as that. To find out what your Correct Daily Calorie Intake should be click Daily Calorie Planner 


Step 2: Exercise - Burned Calories Calculator

Men Weight Loss - Exercise

So, you now know what your correct daily calorie intake should be, you can either aim to hit the right amount of calories each day or aim for 200/400/800 less to speed up your weight loss program.

Exercise is KEY
. Visit our Burned Calories Calculator on our website so you can test for yourself how many calories a certain Activity Level will burn per time frame.


 Step 3: Weight Loss Supplements for Men

Weight Loss Supplements for Men

Note: Over 80% of obesity in the U.S is caused by a "high carbohydrate" intake - NOT a high "fat intake".

For additional assistance - If you've studied your're daily dietary intake correctly and you decide to take an additional weight loss supplement it will more than likely be a high carb diet that is causing you to gain weight, therefore be careful before you choose a men's weight loss supplement.

For example you will have little need for Alli, (which is globally the most popular men's weight loss aid), if your diet is high in carbs as it does nothing to restrict the digestion of carbs, but rather the break down of fat.

Therefore men's weight loss supplements come in the following forms:

1a. Fat Burners and Appetite Surpressants for Fast Men's Weight Loss

1b. Fat Burners and Appetite Surpressants for Gradual Men's Weight Loss

2. Men's Appetite Suppression Supplements

3. Fat Blockers for Men

4. Fat Binders for Men

5. Carbohydrate Blockers for Men

Below are listed what men consider in the U.S and Europe to be the most effective in these departments.

Some are F.D.A approved and manafactured in F.D.A registered labs and all are non-prescription men weight loss supplements.

Some do offer some side effects so please read the reviews below to check whether they are suitable or not for you and also check thoroughly on their website.


Men's No'1 Fat Burner for Fast Weight Loss - Phen375

Phen 375 Review

Produced in FDA pharmaceutical registered labs, Phen375 is argued to be the most popular fat burning Dimethyl replacement supplement that can be purchased online without need of a prescription.A close relative to the prescription drug Dimethyl, phentalyne's main active ingredient is pentalyne which has been combined with Dhea L-Carnatine and Trimethylaxatine to speed up the fat burning capabilities of Phen375.

Reliable, safe and tried and tested - Phen375 provides the prescription strength of pharmaceutical Dimethyl that helps stimulate and boost your metabolism.

By additionally controlling your appetite through it's suppressant qualities and helping you to lose on average 5lbs a week, over 5 weeks. Most men who use Phen375 lose on average up to 20 - 25lbs per month.

So in terms of the cost of the product that's $2.30 per day.

Phen375 medical team also supply consultants who you can contact prior to purchase so as to ensure that if you are taking any additional medication, you can clarify if whether or not this will conflict with taking Phen375 and vice versa.

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Men's No'1 Fat Burner for Gradual Weight Loss -Capsiplex

Capsiplex Review

From the same company that produces the carb blockers C-plex6 and Meratol, Capsiplex is a clinically proven weight loss pill containing pepper which Capsiplex argue in a placebo controlled study resulted in people burning up to 278 more calories per day.

With the average daily calorie intake (depending on your diet routine, sex and age), of 3000 calories for women and 3500 for men that's a considerable number calories.

Incredibly big in the U.K where it sold out at Harrods in the first 3 days but yet to really hit the U.S, Capsiplex does what many of the modern day fat burners additionally do:



Men's No'1 Appetite Suppression Supplement - UniqueHoodia™

UniqueHoodia Review

If you are looking an Men's Appetite Suppresion Suuplement to just surpress your appetite then UniqueHoodia is by far the Daddy when it comes to really wanting to reduce your hunger.

UniqueHoodia is quite simply the ultimate appetite suppressant. It contains 1485mg of pure South African Hoodia Gordonii as well as 5mg of Bioperine which increases absorption by more than 30%. You currently won't find an appetite suprressant stronger than UniqueHoodia on the market.


Men's No'1 Fat Blocker - Alli

MyAlli Review

Currently, argued to be the most studied weight loss medicine in the world - Orlistat - is Alli's active ingredient which helps block a certain percentage of fat from being broken down in the stomach - approximately 30%.

With over 100 clinical studies and the Only F.D.A Approved Weight Loss Supplement which is non prescription, therefore sold over the counter (OTC), for those cunsuming a high percentage of fats, whether "healthy fats" or "saturated fats", Alli could be the most suitable weightloss supplement for men.

However, you need to discern firstly whether you are consuming a high intake "saturated fats" or "healthy fats" as Alli cannot discriminate between the breakdown of each.


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Men's No'1 Fat Binder -Proactol

Proactol PlusProactol Plus reviews its product on their website as.."an amazingly patented fiber complex that is a 100% natural, 100% organic fat binder made from the nutritious cactus "Opuntia ficus indica"...Opus Fictus for your interest is also known as the "prickly pear cactus". It would seem though that "Opuntia ficus-indica" sounds a little more attractive in the marketing sense. Proactal Plus: 

Proactol™ reviews suggests opuntia can block 28% of your daily dietary fat intake restricting your caloric intake and therefore allowing you to manage and control your weight. And most of all, Proactol™ claim they have the clinical data to back up this latest diet pill.

When doing the research we first checked out the facts surrounding Opuntia ficus-indica which were found at It appears that there is substantial evidence here to confirm that the prickly pear cactus does indeed reduce the lipid levels in your bloodstream and other Metabolic Syndrome indicators and most notably the sugar levels in your blood.

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Men's No'1 Carb Blocker - Meratol

Meratol Carb Blocker Review

Meratol is a Brand New Carb Blocker Weight Loss Pill made to pharmaceutical standards, which works through the following 4 methds:

1. It will burn approximately 12 times more calories.
2. It can block your carbohydrate intake by upto roughly 80%.
3. It will reduce calorie intake.
4. It will speed up your metabolism.

Meratol is manufactured by the same company who are behind other clinically proven brands like C-plex6, another carb blocker and the fat burner Capsiplex.

Touted by to be the number one selling carb blocker for 2011, Meratol's parent company Advanced Health are planning a huge PR campaign in the U.S and Europe this spring to launch what they argue will become the Alli of fat blockers.

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